Iron content food for anemia

Iron content food for anemia


Diet for tb patient

TB patient food


Blood-sugar-diet-recipes for diabetic

Diet for diabetic patient


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Weight loss diet chart for female


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    Anemia treatment foodsIron, calcium and phosphorus are some of the substances that enter into the tissues and body fluids and so are most likely to be deficient in ordinary diet. Shortness of breath is one of many effects of iron deficiency and this could be very hazardous to life. Do you know excessive intake of iron supplements or medicines could develop what is called Hemochromatosis which leads to liver cirrhosis,heart disease, and impaired pancreatic function.What you'll get in this iron recipe cookbook.

    • Recommended daily allowance of iron for all ages

    • RDA for non vegetarian

    • Health risk of iron overdose from supplements or medicines

    • Effects of Hemochromatosis

    • List of iron foods and their values

    • 20 iron recipes with pictures

    • Nutrient composition of each recipe

    This nutrition rich unusual soup recipes for families is a must have for every household. it is packed with 68 pages of unusual recipes specifically made to reduce weight considerably.
    All recipes consist of the required daily nutrients for health and optimum health. All ingredients are easy to find. All Recipes are very delicious,finger-biting, and easy to prepare
    Features to find in this unusual soup recipes.

    • 68 pages of delicious new unusual soup recipes to cut down the weight and improve health.

    • Recipes with pictures.

    • Easy to find ingredients with pictures.

    • Nutritional information of each recipe.

    • All recipes have low fat, and low carbohydrate.

    • Each recipe meet the Required daily allowance of nutrients making it a super healthy recipe cookbook.

    Healthy diet to prevent, control and reverse diabetes fast. You will understand foods to avoid, foods that causes insulin resistance and the combination of foods to actually combat insulin resistance and eventually reverse diabetes.What you'll get

    • You get the ABC of diabetes.

    • The 3 foods you must never include in your diet if you have diabetes.

    • 10 must eat foods if you have to control your diabetes.

    • Effective diabetics food combination and planning that reverse diabetes.

    • Group of foods to pick from when planning diabetic's diet.

    • Nutrition information of each recipe .

    • 20 delicious healthy sugar patient diet with pictures.

    • Easy to follow horizontal exercise to relax and soften hardened arteries.

    You will never keep off the fat, if you include certain foods in your diet.
    you will also not lose the weight, if you don't include certain foods in your diet to help you burn calories. Understand the food to eat to reduce weight.
    If certain nutrients are not included in any weight loss diet, then the weight loss diet or program little or no weight will be lost. You must know the composition of each food article especially calories, the ideal food combination and amount. The required daily value of calories, carbohydrates and others.
    In this cookbook you will understand all of the above and follow the recipes that will effectively reduce your weight by 12LB in just 17 days.
    What you'll find in this cookbook.

    • 17 days diet plan to let you shed the fat.

    • Nutrition information of each diet recipe.

    • Recipes with pictures.

    • Easy to find ingredients.

    • 10 effective tips to lose weight.

    • 20 low carbohydrate vegetables to reduce weight.

    • Fruits that keep weight down.

    • Exercise to help you burn the fat fast.

    Healthy delicious recipes that children love. These recipes are not only very healthy with all the nutrients required for a healthy build up and growth of children, they are also very delicious and easy to make.What you'll get with this cookbook.

    • Nutrition rich, mouth watering recipes for kids.

    15 high bp diet for lowering blood pressure immediately.
    A certain food has just been found to reduce high blood pressure drastically, if certain amount is eaten daily. in this cookbook you will find out this food although its well known and has been used often but no one knew its potency for hypertension until recently.. Know the foods to cut that are likely to raise your blood pressure and harden your arteries.
    What you'll get with this cookbook

    • The 4 important nutrients to overcome and avoid High blood pressure complications

    • The food list in group B nutrient to lower blood pressure.

    • The food list in group C nutrient to lower blood pressure.

    • The food list in group D nutrient to lower blood pressure.

    • 29 pages of easy to cook blood pressure lowering recipes with some pictures.

    • Nutrition information of each recipe.

    • Exercise to relax arteries walls and aid blood circulation.

    Accumulation of toxins often result in most sicknesses and diseases our bodies are naturally made to detox itself of waste and toxins but certain situation can stop the proper functioning of the liver to detox properly.Find out how to get rid of your ailment by getting rid of all the build up toxins in your body with this amazing recipes.