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Foods with iron in them-foods that have iron

Here is a list of foods with iron in them 1. Red meat Lean red meat is one of the foods with iron in them, although not a high amount of iron but enough when combined with other iron foods. To combat anemia, a very high amount of iron that

How to tell if you re anemic-Signs and symptoms

Below is a list of how to tell if you re anemic and the best option to treat anemia which is anemic diet. 1.Extreme Fatigue and Exhaustion is one way or how to tell if you re anemic. This is a major sign that your body is deprived of enough

Does chicken have iron-Iron content of chicken

Does chicken have iron or what is the value of iron content in chicken. iron which has 1.16 mg that is 9% of the daily value. Nutrition information of chicken per 100 g (3.5 oz) Energy 916 kJ (219 kcal) Carbohydrates 0.00 g Fat 12.56 g Saturated fat 3.500 g

Do eggs have iron- How much iron do eggs have

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Do eggs have iron Do eggs have iron ? This should not be the only question someone who is low in iron should be asking. He should also be considering, if eggs are safe for an anemic person and what effect it has on anemia. Most importantly he should understand

Jicama Fruit Salad

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Jicama fruit is a combination of mango,papaya,chili powder,Jicama,lime, orange and watermelon. This fruits are super power food to drive away stress and regenerate energy. It is very rich in calcium , dietary fibre and potassium. The Nutrient benefits are: Calories:    0 Fat:   0 Calcium:   28g Dietary fiber:   5g Potassium:   307mg Iron:   1mg Carbohydrates:   19mg

Eggplant pepper dip

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This is a super nutrition packed meal it is very ideal for after illness recovery, and prevention of heart related disease couple with the amount of calcium and potassium it contains. Some of the ingredients are, eggplant, Oregon, red pepper basil, chicken E.T.C. The vegetables are roasted before blending them

Harvest Valley

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$6.70 Harvest valley is highly delicious and tasty it also packed with nutrition. It contains dietary fibre of 3.65g.These are some of the ingredients contained in Harvest Valley. Butternut squash, jalapeno pepper, dry quinoa, fresh oregano. Nutrition benefits of Harvest valley are: Calories:    97.43 Fat:   1.92g Protein:   2.03g Dietary fiber:   3.65g Carbohydrates:   20.26

Spaghetti Tomato Sauce

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$6.70 This is one of our most popular meal in the category of noodles and pasta not because of its price but because it is very rich and extremely tasty and nourishing. Order Online The Nutrition benefits are: Calories:    42.43 Fat:   0 Protein:   6.03g Dietary fiber:   2.30g Carbohydrates:   12g