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Pesto Pasta
Delicious rich pasta with cheese, olive oil,nuts and basil $6.50

Macaroni cheeseAssorted cheese in tomato's sauce, and vegetable $5.30
Baked HamTasty mouth-watering baked ham with ring onions and tomato$12.00

Patty MeltBurger with onions, cheese and grilled chicken$10.70
California BurgerMushroom, avocado, jock cheese in burger$10.50
Turkey BurgerLettuce, garnished in peanut and cheese with grilled turkey$10.50
Chicken BrothChicken soup with spices and potato$4.00
Hot Potato KinshThis meal is super tasty and rich in vegetables$6.70
Eggplant MozzarellaBreadcrumb and fried eggplant, mozzarella with pasta$15.00

Mush AsparThis is a delicacy rich in asparagus and mushroom with pepper and tomato sauce$15.00
Macaroni SaladDelicious rich pasta serve as appetizer$3.90
Baked beansBaked mean is rich in protein as well as super tasty$3.90
Sweet potato friesServed with tomato sauce and peas$3.90
Barley BeanOne of our popular meals highly tasty and filling$4.50
Tuna SaladSalad with assorted vegetables and tuna fish sprinkled with parsil $11.00
Filled pasta tortelliniThis is rich Italian pasta menu
garnished in soup
Bagel and cream cheeseThis french delicacy is popular among the french people. It's super tasty$4.90
Cheese BurgerPrepared with three different cheese. The swiss, cheddar, and jack cheese$7.50
Smoked SalmonSmoked sermon served with potato pudding,Supper rich and tasty$12.00